The Next Copernican Revolution

Origin of Life

A Scientific Revolution

  • The Origin of Life is back on land in a 21st Century version of Charles Darwin’s “warm little pond”
  • Computer Science meets Prebiotic Chemistry in search for life’s “boot code”
  • The Hot Spring Hypothesis, science’s first end-to-end proposal for how life can begin
  • Spark! BIOTA’s newest initiative on the role of different forms of energy driving prebiotic evolution
  • Join the team, propose your testable idea, then test it!

Implications for Humanity

  • Smashing the atom of biology
  • A code of emergence
  • Where and how likely is life’s prevalence in the universe?
  • Current and upcoming life-finding space missions
  • A new “ground up” philosophy
  • Survival of humanity through deep understanding of our origins as a collaborative, sharing system, and our way forward
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